I am Dying inside here :(

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I am Dying inside here :(
Tue, 07-24-2012 - 12:32am

Ok...so I'm still in love with my ex-fwb..we're only friends and nothing else now BUT I still have strong feelings for him.Well I thought that by me and my wing-woman friend going out..it would distinguish my feelings for him.NOw of course yes I do e-mail him BUT I was e-mailing him about my ups and downs with my search for someone...I feel that with his long-term  experiences when it comes to dating,...that he would give me some suggestions.Well this past Sat I decided that me going out there isn't for me and I told him that I have decided to stop looking for someone and his response was and I quote "Cool.That's good to hear"...well of course I'm only going to take it as a friend who feels that my approach wasn't going to get good results because I was only going to clubs...So I don't think that he could mean it in any other way but a part of me wonders if it could be taking another way....I don't know...I'm trying really hard to get these feelings out of me and I thought that by trying to meet someone else...it would help BUT all I want is him and that hasn't gone away...SO anymore suggestions on what I can do?Now I still go out BUT not to socialize BUT to dance my butt off because i still want to have fun and it does help me from not being so sad...because I do think about it alot BUT the good thing is that I don't cry nearly as much as I use to so that's a good thing..

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Re: I am Dying inside here :(
Thu, 07-26-2012 - 1:40am

Honest, are you in your 20s?  

Please listen to Shy. This is a very logical response.

Stop all contact. Stop obsessing.  Stop talking about him to us and others.  Stop letting yourself think about him. Shout "NO!" to your brain whenever it goes into missing him.  You have to take yourself firmly in hand, honey, and stop this now.  For your own good.