"I been thinking about you"

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"I been thinking about you"
Thu, 06-05-2014 - 12:32am

So I received a text from the comic book/video game store guy at 2am, he said, "Hey I been thinking about you, we havent talked in a couple of months". We chatted about work, horrible customers etc. Note: We stopped talking for couple of months  because he wants me to move to his town over 1 hr away from my financially secure job and I told him to get a real job, Cuz I dont want to live with him and his brothers, I have my own.

When I recieved the message I was happy like maybe hes ready to grow up at 30.

He moves the convo randomly to: a gay guy came into his store and started hitting on him, I was like um okay. Then he says the gay guy asked for pics to see is Enis, I was like um um did u?? He says No. Then says I showed it to him. I was shocked like wtf. I thought maybe hes joking...... I jokingly say did u have sex with him too lol, He says I just wanted to try it!!! I was like OMG. He keeps sending text about how he was at the bottom and it hurt. I told him to stop and why contact me about your gay sex??? He said he knows how open minded I am. I asked him what was I to you?? Why say you been thinking about me?? He says hes not gay just wanted to see what its like, just curious. I asked so your gonna do it again with that gay guy, he says i dont know. I told him Im happy that hes found himself but I dont want to be involved in it. He says he wants me still, it was just an experiment. He asked did I want more detail about the sex, he wants to be open with me. I blocked him...... like OMG this is real.

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Thu, 06-05-2014 - 10:29am

If I were you I'd be pissed that he thought I would be interested in hearing about his sex life. What kind of statement is that saying about what he thinks about you?

You did the right think in blocking him. What a creep.

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Thu, 06-05-2014 - 2:59pm
He was looking for a third participant. "Thinking of you" at 2am usually means horny.
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Sun, 06-08-2014 - 1:41pm

We've all heard the "oh, yeah, my ex is gay now" stories and I've always had this fantasy that it would be a neat experience . . . That, if it happened to me, we'd reconnect and become the best of friends . . . Truth is, it's never happened to me so who knows how I'd actually feel about it.  I had a similar experience with the over sharing, late night texts about gay sex but he was just a guy that I met online and we just had friend chemistry.  I, to this day, don't know if he was doing drugs or if all of it really happened . . . He moved out West and we lost contact, unfortunately.  I also had a strictly physical r'ship with a guy once who would drop vague hints that he was bi, but when I'd call him on it, he'd always deny it and use the 'ole "just kidding" excuse.  

I think you handled it well.