I got a phone number last night

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I got a phone number last night
Fri, 04-06-2012 - 11:19am
But it was kind of weird.

I went outside for some air because I was upset (stupid guy friend of mine said something that upset me) and ended up briefly talking to a guy. He was cute, so I lingered outside for a bit until a song came on I wanted to dance to...and I saw his wedding ring.

Later I was standing at the bar waiting for another drink and he came over to talk to me again. He was talking about how he wanted to be a storm chaser which led to me showing him pictures of my niece's house in Joplin after it was hit. That's when he called his wife over. She was nice, and didn't seem at all bothered by the fact that her husband was talking to me. Then she was called to sing, and he grabbed my hand and said we should sing together. It was late and her list was full and I knew that. He asked anyway and was told no. No biggie. His wife was a really good singer, so later I went to her and told her she should come back. That's when he pulled me over and said "we should get your number. I promise, we're not swingers!" I laughed and told him that was good, because she'd be left out if that's what they were looking for! So I asked her for her number, called her so she has mine, and told her I'd text her next week.

I think anyone with tons of friends wouldn't have understood what he was doing, but that guy was playing "friend wing woman" for his wife. What an awesome idea. He kept saying, "She WILL be back!"

Of course, this morning I'm a little worried they were looking for a third for a threesome, but if that's so I'll just have an interesting story to tell.

I did meet another guy last night. A friend of my girlfriend's. She kept saying he was making comments about me, but I couldn't get him to look at me, let alone talk to me. We're going out again tonight, so maybe she'll invite him again. He's tall, but has this weird facial hair going on. That's shaves off, though! I probably seemed like a little bit of a bitch, too, because I was fighting off another guy (I know him and he is not boyfriend material) who wouldn't keep his hands off of me. I think it was obvious he was out of line, and I was justified, though. So who knows.

I also have to say...I 'm so glad I'm off today. I could really go for a four day work week!
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Fri, 04-06-2012 - 11:54am

Good news!