The "jab"...grrr!!!!

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The "jab"...grrr!!!!
Mon, 10-06-2003 - 5:20pm

Boy am I steamed! My best friend NEVER wants to go to movies w/me b/c she says its a "date thing" 10 yrs, we've seen ONE movie together b/c she really wanted to go & it was playing as we drove past the theatres. Last w/end, she said she wanted to see Underworld & School of Rock. I said I'd go see School of Rock with her but will probably see the other one w/a guy friend the next day. She said "fine" in a pissy way. So the next day, I called and invited her to come along w/H & I. She said she was tired and going to have a nap.

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Mon, 10-06-2003 - 6:17pm
So Go, I am curious... what makes her your "best" friend? What do you get out of this friendship? What do you expect?

For me, I always look at the intent of the person who pisses me off. If the person's *intention* is to be mean or to be self centered or something else besides loving then I walk away.

I know I communicate "wrongly" sometimes, i.e. I have good intentions but it comes out sounding differently sometimes. I look for my friends to give me grace and patience when that comes across like that. I do the same with them.

HOWEVER, I have less tolerance with people who are in too much pain or ego/self centerednes.

Make sense?

Good luck with your friend.