Lookin for some advice...

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Lookin for some advice...
Fri, 04-11-2003 - 3:33pm
Hi Everyone!

I am seeing someone and need some advice on our relationship and a couple of other things first of all... we have been good friends for about a year and we finally moved on to more! :) yeah!!!

He likes to go clubbing.. not that I mind because sometimes I go with him other times he just goes with the guys... when we go we usually stand around.. ( i dont know how to dance and I desperatly want to learn) usually his aunts are there ( they are a blast) so he dances with them and I end up standing there alone... I think a lot of my nervousness is my weight but I am really not that big.. I only weigh about 160.. 5'6"...

I gave him a card the other day usually i give him joke cards but this one was a serious love card... the mushy stuff... and he reacted really well to it... i was worried he would freak out on me and all that but he didnt! I am so happy!

I can see us being together for a really long time... We both have children.. mine are older 12 and 14 and his is 2... I am 10 years older than him but I dont really think the age difference affects us to much... he has been out of the military for about a year now and he is considering going back in and I told him if that is what he wants I will support him and we will just go with him...I am really in love with this man.. he is just amazing to me!

Well i guess the only advice i need is on the dancing thing really... i think i just answered all my own questions but that one!! haha...

I really would love to learn to dance but it is like i have 2 left feet and i dont want to get out there with him and be a klutz and make a fool of myself...


U all are great on this board!



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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 4:12pm
when the floor gets crowded, move with the group to an area that's so tight you can barely move... if its so crowded, nobody will pay a lot of attention to what you're doing.

then just try to move to the beat with your feet and hips... look around, and try to copy those you think you want to imitate...

you can also practice at home...

what kind of music is usually playing at the clubs you go to?

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 6:35pm
Hi! They play about everything.. hip hop... rap.. rock... that is a great idea! i never thought about that.. i just hate standing there alone... i get depressed and it sucks! thanks for the advice!!!

Take care..