Is 'Match' dating website good?

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Is 'Match' dating website good?
Wed, 11-13-2013 - 6:58am

Hello. Well I'm trying to date and at the moment I have signed up with BUT I have only done the profile thing BUT I haven't paid yet for the subscription because I don't have the money at the moment so I have used the other free dating sites and THOSE have been horrible.I haven't met anyone face to face on those free sites BUT I almost did last week but I'm so done with those.Well basically I had put an ad on CL...yeah..yeah..I know CL? BUT what happened to me has happened with others who never posetd on CL.Basically what happened was that I posted an ad on CL with my pic. I only responded to people who sent pics of themselves so that way I would have at least an idea of what they look like.So anyways we e-mailed for a bit...maybe 3 weeks? We did talk on the phone within that time too. Well he had asked to meet me earlier but I was hesitant because I still didn't feel comfortable to meet just yet. To me..I felt that it was too soon.Well finally I decided that..ok I am ready to meet this person.We had talked and he had stated if he could take me out to dinner or a movie. Well on a Wed, I told him that we could go to a movie for that upcomnig Friday. Well on Thurs. he said that he would look into what was playing.So here comes Fri and I never received an e-mail all day long.I ended up calling him around late 5pm/eraly 6pm and then I e-mailed him and asked him if we were still on for that night?Well I decided to go out to a dance club afterwards because I never received a call or anything from that Fri night. So next morning I had gotten an e-mail and he had said : "Hey just got ur email ...I had to work late yesterday didn't get off til 630... maybe I could rent some movies n we could watch em at ur place if that's ok...idk. let me know"

Well I was pissed! I mean really?!! It had gone from us planning to go watch a a him saying maybe he could rent some movies and come over to MY place!! So this is what I wrote back to him  : "The fact that all you could have done was sent a quick e-mail letting me know that you weren't going to make it for last night would have been sufficient. We do live in this tech world where that could happen very easily and quickly.You had stated awhile back about going to a were even going to check up on that. Now it's turned into you renting movies to come over to my place to watch them??No thank you.I'm not like that. I don't know you.I thought that you were a gentleman.Obviously I'm not the right person for you. I wish you the best on your endeavors."

I figured that it was not a rude e-mail BUT I'm just so tired of these so-called men!! I mean IF you don't want to take me out to dinner or a movie...then DON;T pretend that that's what you want to do. OR if you want to take me out and something comes up...then that's cool BUT don't flip the script on me.What I feel he should have done was just say after he said he had to work late..that if we could just make plans to do this another time...that's it.That would have been fine with me.

There are BARELY any men out there who respects women nowadays.It's just so sad!I am happy with myself in telling him what I thought about his behavior.He can go right ahead and find a woman that is cool with that...I'm NOT one of them.It felt good to say that. So I'm wondering how the experience on is?The only thing that I can do is WINK someone.Well this one guy that I did wink at...he winked back a few minutes later BUT since I have yet to subscribe yet to be able to e-mail anyone...I have kept a note on this guy because I really would like to talk to him.His profile is what attracted me to him.he does have a pic and I think he is cute but the profile actually got me and it's rare that happens to me.So I would like to hear other people's experience on this site. I feel that I am a  great catch but I'm never going to settle ust to say that I'm dating anyone. i'm not putting up with anymore bull from anyone.I know how I deserve to be treated and will not back down from that.I know there are GOOD men out there but..WHERE????