Meetup parties

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Meetup parties
Mon, 08-26-2013 - 1:21am

I like to dance. Now that I'm single and looking for party therapy to not feel so broken-hearted, I've been going to a couple of meetup parties.

the one last night was interesting. It was a dance for the Lemon drop club. I had never heard of it until last night. The organizer also posted about it on some of the meetup groups I belong to. When I showed up at the dance, I was surprised to find myself surrounded with mostly senior citizens. There were some "younger" i.e. below 65, people there. I would say maybe 20% were in the 40's-50's range. Well, I shouldn't complain b/c it certainly is better that you're in less competitive environment. Even though I have a higher tolerance for age difference than most women my age but outright geriatrics is not really my type.

There was an older, shrimpy man with sweaty palms who kept asking me to dance. He had a bad habit of always holding hands and swinging it constantly. I was afraid I would get carpel tunnel. I had to wash my hands after ward. Anyhoo after a few dances with him, I declined and he went on with other women. Good escape.

I had a lot of fun doing the freestyle dancing with the DJ, a few other "younger" dancers, and a couple of crazy senior ladies.

then there was a man appeared to be early 50's man who was tall, thin, and relatively good looking, a rare find for that age group. I noticed this man approaching several "younger" women there. Out of pride, I was a bit offended that he didn't ask me to dance. Finally later in the night, he did come up to me and ask me to dance. Oh, so only after all the "pretty" birds had flown. This man talked to me a bit, got my phone number and just called and left a message on my phone tonight.

A few weeks ago, I attended a party that didn't have an age range but boy, when I showed up, 90% of them were in their early 30's at the oldest. Thee were a handful of 40 something and ONE 60 something man. It was still fun dancing though and the crowd was rather cute and friendly despite the age difference.

It's really a hit and miss with these parties. Oh, well, just keep truckin....At least I had fun. I've learned not to expect too much and hope for a nice surprise one day.

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Tue, 08-27-2013 - 2:10am

that's why I like the dances b/c people don't care. They can be young or old. The problem is with the young crowd is they play too much of this techno and rappy kinda music most of which I don't find all that interesting. I don't expect much really when I go but always get a little miffed if I don't get asked. Wonder why, do I look hideous?

I don't like ballroom dancing b/c I have two left feet. I went to one of those with my friend and was not asked except a couple of times. I don't enjoy ballroom as much.

Still truckin with the OKcupid crowd.


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Mon, 08-26-2013 - 11:01am

I think you will learn after a while what groups have what age range.  I belong to one group that is for singles over 50 but it seems like most of the people are in their 50's or maybe early 60's--it doesn't have a lot of really old people.  I don't want to go to an event where most of the people are in their 20's & 30's either and feel like I'm the really old one.  I go to a lot of swing dances and that is a very varied age group, from people in their 20's on up to seniors.  What I've noticed about that & find fun is that people don't care about your age to dance--if you can dance, anyone will dance with you.  I've danced with guys in their 20's up to 70's.

I'm glad you're trying to get out & meet new people.

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Mon, 08-26-2013 - 8:02am


Yes the age thing is def. a huge challenge.. I know for me at 59 and female when I do some meet ups the ages can vary all over the place... and sometimes I feel like an idiot being at these places and trying to have fun.. Its not really what I want to be doing at my age but it beats sitting in the house at times..sometimes I get so fed up with it all...

Although lately when I do meet ups most of the people are in their fifties but yes there are mostly women.. I dont go to meet anyone but just to have fun and socialize..

One way you can find out who is who is to see if there are any pics of the people when they sign up for meet up groups.. Its not always a good way but sometimes you can see who is going.. and then you can start choosing the meet ups that are best suited for you.. I know i love the walking and gardners meet up I joined because its a nice bunch of people and we are just hiking in a park and being outdoors.. which is what I love. I notice I stick to the meet ups that I love the most and not try and fit into some mold or something..

Most of the dances around where I live the crowd is like 60 and over .. There is a club on wed. nights around here where the crowd is very old but I dont enjoy being at dances or bars that  much anymore.. Last week though I met two friends at an outdoor concert and afterward we just went to a nice neighborhood bar to check out the band.. We stayed awhile and the crowd was def. mixed.. We had a great time and then went home..

So yeah its hit or miss .....

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Mon, 08-26-2013 - 2:42am

 True  It is alway a crap shoot.  When one is 21-35 it is much easier.