MeetUp Results

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MeetUp Results
Fri, 09-13-2013 - 7:18pm

I posted a while back that I was committing to attend at least 3 MeetUp events this fall, and I've already done 2 out of 3.  Since it's something that often gets suggested to single people, I thought I would share my results.  Background note: I moved to a new area (about 40 miles away from where I had lived for 10+ years) this spring for a job.  So my primary goal is to meet new friends who live in my area, and secondary goal is dating.

The first event was a networking event.  It's a regular event that draws 75+ people every month (or so it was advertised.)  It was at a fairly large bar/restaurant with free pizza and a cash bar.  There were probably only 30 people there, and I encountered one guy who appeared be marketing a pyramid scheme, and one guy that would not stop talking about his website with computer accessories at 90% off.  It was really a bust, although I did connect with a woman who recruits volunteers for a children's charity, and I am thinking of helping them at an event later this month.

The second was a purely social event at a local bar.  There were about 10 people, but that was actually good because we could all share a large table.  Many of them knew each other already, and I was clearly one of the 2 "newbies" but they were warm.  They're all professionals, most of whom live and work in this area, and the conversation was good.  Two women had to leave rather early, and suddenly it was 5 guys and me, which is not a bad ratio.  :)  3 out of the 5 have some potential, but I didn't focus on any one in particular.    I'll certainly keep my eye out for other events!

So like everything else in life, you just have to keep trying....  I'll keep you posted.

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Sat, 09-14-2013 - 11:45am

I find that w/ meetups, a lot of times you will get a core group of people if you keep going to events.  That can be good & bad.  For ex, I joined a single parents meetup group about a year ago--I haven't gone to too many events.  The original founder of the group is a woman and I have become friendly w/ her--she's the kind of person who has a very outgoing personality and will make anyone new feel welcome.  We also have a love of dancing in common.  So recently there was an event to go & hear a band at a bar near my house--the "host" was a guy who I had met before so I recognized him.  I also had met some other people who were there before.  But since this group has been in existence for 6 yrs, a lot of those people have become very close friends.  They were talking about going to the host's birthday party.  So other people felt like outsiders.  I also don't think the host did a good job trying to make people feel comfortable.  I said hi to him when I came in but other than that, I don't think he talked to me that much.  Luckily there was one woman there who I had met before who is very friendly plus I talked to some new people.

Sometimes I think the best events are when you can have a dinner or something for 10 people or less so you can really talk to people & get to know them.  But I think if you keep going to events it will be likely that you will make friends.

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Sun, 09-15-2013 - 10:14am
Great you're checking it out with an open mind, it's always good to try new things and meet new people. I've joined the Meetup groups somewhat frequently for the outdoor groups mainly to discover new places, usually there are at least some people who can carry a conversation too and I've made some friends from that.
But not always. So I have to give this advice - hang in there with the groups no matter what the activity, they can be widely different each time depending on who shows up and who leads it. Just like any party or gathering, there is no predicting it.
It's amazing to me to sometimes show up and no one introduces themselves or attempts to, including the leader! And as Music said - there seems to be a core group that show up all the time and are mainly locked into each other. Sometimes I've ditched a group because they were too obnoxious or boring to be around, other times several fun types of people show up which of course was great.
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Sun, 10-06-2013 - 3:55pm

Hey there, I know you posted this a while ago but I've been having tech issues.  I just wanted to applaud you for trying something new and I would imagine, a little uncomfortable.  I have not tried the meet-up thing but a friend has, with some success, and so I have actually suggested it to others.  In all honesty, showing up somewhere where I know no one is just as scary to me as public speaking.  Mad respect girlie, mad respect ;) 

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Mon, 10-14-2013 - 5:20pm

I belong to lots of meet-up groups. come to think of it, I met a cool guy through sierra club a few years ago but I'm not in Sierra club anymore. Maybe time to rejoin.

The meetups are kinda low-yield for dating but for activities it's great. Most are social/outdoors clubs but I do go to an IBD stock meetup group and usually there are only 1-2 women in a group of 10 or so.  I notice that there are people on there who are professional event planners and do it for profit. For example, there's a woman there who lists her profession in finance/accounting but every event she hosts require a fee, at least $10 even the events that don't cost anything such as going to a museum or social networking event at a bar w/o entry fee.  She does this every week. I think it's a side job for her, if not a full time job.

I understand if the person need money to help with the cost of a party but in this case it's  pure profit to her. So I never go to her events but she must be very good b/c usually there are lots of people signing up for her evetns.

So far, I haven't found any group except the stock group that I want to go to on a regular basis. But the stock group attendence is also sporatic for me. I plan to attend more regularly.