New place, new adventure

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New place, new adventure
Thu, 07-19-2012 - 12:49pm
We tried a new place for karaoke last night. I know the DJ, so we promised him we'd come. Real dive place. Like, duct tape on the chairs dive. We decided to try the food since I hadn't had time to eat. Probably won't be doing that again!

The karaoke was good- lots of people singing. The people were friendly, too. However...there's always a few interesting people at these places that give you something to talk about the next day!

There was one guy wearing too-small blue jean cut offs, with a white shirt tucked into them. He reminded me of my dad in 1982. There was the nerdy older guy trying to hang out with the "cool kids" (who weren't that cool). There was the loud, but friendly guy in the wife-beater, just trying to get to know everyone. I actually talked to him and told him about karaoke tonight. Totally NOT dating material, but he seemed nice. And then he got a little creepy! Holding my hand and telling me I'm beautiful. Yeah...I couldn't get beyond the exposed chest hair and crooked teeth to look him in the eye! After that, I couldn't get outta there fast enough. I'm sure he's nice enough, but I definitely don't want him touching me.

From there we went to our regular place, but it was a different night. Very different crowd, that's for sure. It still felt like home, and I like that. :smileyhappy:
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Re: New place, new adventure
Wed, 07-25-2012 - 6:05pm
"I decided awhile back that I'm going to have fun now because I can. I could sit at home all the time doing nothing because I'm "too old" to be out, but what's the fun in that? I spent my twenties being good. I'm going to spend my thirties having a lot more fun, and hopefully a great guy will come along in the meantime."

Shy, that is excellent! My mottos the last year and a half have been "More fun!" and "Try something new", which I have done well so far this year. Just wish I had friends who joined me for the fun, not too easy finding someone to do things with. I was more timid in my 20s and a definite "good girl". In my mid-30s now and trying to break a bit out of that shell, saying "no" to more things which are not tempting.