Open Relationship and Rich Older guy

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Open Relationship and Rich Older guy
Sun, 08-17-2014 - 11:50pm

I was approached by an older guy (around 50s, I'm 38) who wants to have a "relationship" with me as his girlfriend.  I first met him in a drink lounge and then we met again for dinner.  He is actually married, but rarely meet his wife.  He said he is in an open marriage and his wife also has 2 boyfriends in France (his wife is in France now).  I did not know this condition before.   In this relationship he proposed to me that  he will never get jealous, I can have another boyfriend but I have to be honest and tell him about it, I can go whenever I want if I found the right one. 

I think I'm an open-minded person, but somehow I can never understand this open relationship thing.  Some of my "materialistic" girlfriends said  to just take him for the money (he is a rich guy).  Honestly, I like money and will not turn down any offer to have money and better lifestyle, but I can't imagine going further with this guy, I feel gross already.  

In other way, many women around me can just easily throw themselves for money to a much older guy.  I don't mean to say that older guys are gross, some of them are actually handsome and attractive.    But, I'm just not that type of girl, I guess.