OT - I am beside myself

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OT - I am beside myself
Mon, 05-13-2013 - 5:28pm


First off.......WTF is up with our message board?? lol.

This could be long so I'll try to stick to the facts.  I mentioned I am working on contract - when company X called me for an interview, I almost fell off my chair (they are a big employer.....good benefits, employment philosophy, etc.).  I thought I was coming in to interview for position Y (which I wasn't really qualified for - they wanted a science background, but the recruiter didn't mention the position).   The position was a 1 year contract.  I show up at the interview and it turns out that the position is an administrator, marketing - one year contract, however, the recruiter and "Susie" (the Executive Admin to the VP of Sales and Marketing) said that it would actually be a six month contract, because it was a mat leave and the person had already been gone for six months - stil interested.  "Susie" mentioned that the position may be more "administrative".....okay.....I figured it was an "administrator" position.  I was offered the job - six months - no benefits/vacation/sick time, etc. - I took it (being unemployed).

So I start - "Susie" comes to meet me during orientation and mentions that I will be someone's personal assistant, but it's a good thing because she plans on creating a new position that is full time.  Okay......

I start and clearly it's an executive admin type role (which I haven't done in the past - not complaining, but my skill set is not exactly aligned).  There was a comment made by "Susie" that the person I'm supporting "Sally" (VP of Finance) said I wasn't as quick as "Susie".  After a few days, I decided to talk to HR - not to make trouble - but I had been given an accountability statement (which I signed) for the Administrator, Marketing position.  The HR manager understood and said they would produce a new accountability statement for me for this role - which I was given.

Forgot to mention - I did also get a lot of questions from "Connie" - my colleague, and a few others as to why I was hired in one role, but not executing that role, rather something else.  "Connie" messaged me on our internal system last week to say she saw my job posted in the internal postings - I immediately asked "Susie" and she said no, that wasn't the case and "Connie" shouldn't be doing these things.  I let it drop, but an hour or two later, "Connie" kept persisting about this role and actually went to the VP who had posted it "Sally" and asked her outright.  It turns out they are using my "supposed" title to hire a coordinator (level above me), because they have the headcount.......

Basically, "Sally" called me in after that to say that whatever they do with me will be above board - "Susie" joined the conversation and confirmed that - and said that "Connie"'s behaviour would be addressed, likely by HR as it was inappropriate.  I was noticing that I do not have much of a workload - "Susie" had a personal emergency, so I got to handle some stuff for her,  however, once she was back it dropped down to (basically) nothing.  I did ask "Susie" if she had anything to pass off when she returned - since then she has been very stand-off-ish to me ("Susie" and I live in the same area with lots in common - it was almost an "instant best friend" scenario).  Now, she is ultra-professional and only says good morning......

Meanwhile, I was having "Sally" (VP) sign off on some documentation on Friday and she basically opened up a discussion with me about how things were so stressful for her......I stayed an hour late listening to a VP and her problems.......I know that sounds bad - I didn't mind - just found it rather odd.  "Susie" is still in close communication with "Sally" and it almost seems like there's a three way relationship - "Sally" says she needs "x" done....then "Susie" obviously is there saying the same thing.......I know they talk a lot in hushed undertones.

Soo......it has basically been really sparse the last week or so - little if no work to do - with "Susie" being stand-off-ish, the last thing I want to do is approach her......"Sally", who poured her heart out to me, did not say hi to me today.......I don't know if she was embarrassed, or just busy.......

Anyhow......I guess I may have to start looking....it's only been 8 weeks and I really really really want to work for company x, but I feel like the situation is not manageable......"Connie", while a nice person, is also very nosy and (literally) looking at my computer and watching what I am doing.......

I am sooo tired of this roundabout with jobs......I really thought I had something decent.......and frankly I am sad that I can't take *any* time off for the next five months - doctor's appts/leaving early/sick/vacation........it's unpaid, which I can sustain, but being the *contract* person you want to have every shot at getting that full time job.......I know this sounds negative, but based on "Susie"s reaction (e.g. distancing herself from me), I feel like maybe they have already made the decision........the fiscal year just ended and if they have already allocated my "head count" I'm not holding out much hope......

Boo......if you made it this far, thank you...... :)


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Mon, 05-13-2013 - 10:31pm

This entire situation is so odd to me.  I've never been hired only to find out after the fact that I wasn't technically going to be working in the role or capacity that I had anticipated . . . All I can offer is, now that you've experienced this, hopefully, you can avoid similar in the future.  I hope that you can find something more in line with your interests/qualifications when this current contract is up.

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Tue, 05-14-2013 - 12:38am

 That happens a lot.  Many times they have already hired some one who is not available right now.  It could be worse there are cases of people being hired only to move and then have the job disappear.  Just keepyour resume handy.  Not fun but it is how it is.


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Sat, 05-18-2013 - 10:16am

I guess I have a different perspective because as teachers, we're hired by a district and our contract essentially says they can make you do whatever they want. A teacher was moved from kindergarten to fifth grade this year because that's where they needed her. We do what's needed of us and more because that's what's expected.