OT: I'm stuck.......

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OT: I'm stuck.......
Tue, 09-24-2013 - 7:34pm


So this is a Part II to my earlier whining post :) Basically, I've taken a new job in another part of the city which is a *murderous* drive.......it's starting to kill me.......just the extra hour to hour and a half tacked onto my day.......I have been unemployed on and off and I feel that this job could work out, but.....

Basically, my new boss is a workaholic.  I do mean in terms of hours (she works long hours and brings work home) but also the workload is tremendous.  I can pretty much keep up with the various requests from sales (6 + individuals) and corporate collateral that must be created, but she also expects me to be her "admin" and handle parts of her role.  We talked today......I thought she wanted me to "help" with her projects, but it turns out that I must take ownership of some aspects as well (I came out and asked her what her expectations are).  Everything in her world has to be *perfect* and I find that she micromanages/tries to control me.......e.g. if there's a situation that I would handle one way, she tells me exactly what to do.........it's only been approximately 8 weeks, but they hired me for my previous sales and marketing experience.......

At home I am feeling a bit bothered by the "mr. ex" situation......his family is everywhere and often when I take my dog out I will run into them.  It's just not comfortable all round.....

I don't know if moving closer to the job will make me happier/have more time but something is missing.......part of me desperately wants to move closer to work (and out of this building) and part of me says "RED FLAGS!!" - with the new job........

Sorry.........just had to vent.......my dog is a good listener, but not too good with the feedback.......... :)


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Thu, 09-26-2013 - 5:22pm
Just realize the "grass is always greener" somewhere else until you get there. Then once you are there, you realize that it is the same garbage as before but maybe a little different. Point being, there will always be that boss, fellow co-worker or client that drives you nuts and to keep our sanity, we just need to learn how to make the best of it. Good luck :)
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Thu, 09-26-2013 - 9:01pm

Stephanie, you are so right! It took me until into my 40s to realize that there are malcontents and bullies in every workplace. For a long time, I was someone who always thought that the grass is greener on the other side. I have also come to realize that we do not need half the "stuff" we think we do.  Just having a a roof over our heads and food in our bellies makes us much more fortunate than the vast majority of the world. But it was hard for me to see this when I was younger.    But it is tough for many these days.  For me, living in the present has helped tremendously, though I still struggle with envy and insecurity.  It is the human condition.

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Fri, 09-27-2013 - 3:12pm

Mel..Since I am probably the oldest person here and Ms.Yoda I would suggest that yes you need to stay at this job for now and you know what.. :? You do have choices.. Either look for a job closer to your house or yes MOVE to this job....Dont worry about Winter yet because we only get one day at a time.... Focus on what is good for you right now in this moment.. Going to a job to pay bills and eat is pretty good right??

You are single with no kids and nothing holding you back.. Heck.. You can even move to another country or state if you wanted to so that could be a motivating factor for you.. The sky is the limit Mel..... ..

Just sit and think and what does your gut tell you what is the best course of action?? For you Mel and no one else????Another job? Moving ? Doing something entirely different?? Just sit with the feelings for a bit and the answer will come to you.........

We have all had our shares of ghetto jobs and being down and out .. I was a single parent and had to juggle three jobs at a time and drive a very run down car at times long distances.. So yes i know how all of that goes but that stupid cliche at times you got to do what you got to do...................but it doesnt mean you cant dream and look or choose another way of life or other things to make you feel better and m ake you happy.................................

Hope i made some sense..

Good Luck


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Sun, 09-29-2013 - 7:30pm

  Hi is this current job a "Ghetto" job or is is a career?  If it is a career then that is a plus.  I worked those Ghetto jobs to survive.  I would advise that under the current economic events it may be better to learn this position and to work toward a new job that is better.   When I got out of ghetto employment it was an adjustment.  I was used to getting off at 5 on the dot.  In a career job that was not possible. 


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Mon, 10-14-2013 - 11:45am

Hi Mel,

Was just curious.. How is the job and the flat sitation? Commuting? Men-wise?

Let us know if you want...

Best regards from  cold and rainy London UK,