OT: Ladies, the quest for comfortable jeans?

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OT: Ladies, the quest for comfortable jeans?
Wed, 01-04-2012 - 5:45pm

Okay, even though I'm 39 and should already be wearing the lower waisted jeans, I've been putting it off because I feel most comfortable with the top of the jeans hitting me right at my waist.


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Fri, 01-06-2012 - 4:26pm

Women are not the only ones.


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Fri, 01-06-2012 - 4:46pm

The funniest Christmas card I ever saw in my life showed a cartoon Santa bending down putting a gift under the tree.

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Thu, 01-19-2012 - 8:29am

I live in India

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Thu, 01-19-2012 - 8:48am

I forgot ot look at mine, but yours sound similiar