OT - Landlord entering your premises while you are out..........

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OT - Landlord entering your premises while you are out..........
Sat, 10-01-2011 - 11:45am


Well apparently I am a bundle of issues lately!! lol.

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Is there any way a pipe could have been busted or something and she would have had to go in? I'm not sure, but I believe in an emergency she can enter. I lived in a basement apartment once and the ac upstairs was leaking very badly. It was raining into my closet. They had to go in the apartment upstairs to find the problem. If the tenants hadn't been home, they still would have had a reason to enter.

If it were me, I'd call her and mention you noticed some things out of place and tell her you are worried someone had broken in. That can open up the conversation, where either she admits to coming in and why and you can remind her that you're upset over your privacy being violated, or she'll deny it and maybe you can ask her to change the locks so you feel safer. Maybe she'll realize how serious it is to you that way.
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I think shy has a good idea--at least that way she'll know you caught on but you won't be accusing her.

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I have some of the same problems.


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I think Shy's idea is a good one. If you're sure she's broken some sort of law, I think your only other option would be to have an attorney type up a letter but as you indicated, you really aren't in a position to move if she were to decide to ask you to leave.