OT: Need family advice, please.

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OT: Need family advice, please.
Sun, 11-10-2013 - 12:24pm

I am deleting this, sorry to anyone who took the time to read and or respond.  I felt better after getting it all off my chest ;)  I didn't want to subject anyone to such a long post when really, there's no cure all.  I just need to focus on myself and try to be a good positive reinforcement when and where I can . . . hope everyone is having a great Sunday :)          

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Sun, 11-10-2013 - 2:48pm
Whatever it was, I'm sure we could have related. We've all got family issues!
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Sun, 11-10-2013 - 2:57pm


I started reading your post and then my computer went wonky and viola I was thrown off a bit and I couldnt finish the reading.. and then when I came back you deleted..

The only part I got up to was the first few paragraphs and that was it.. and these days my memory is not that keen anymore LOL

Anyway; maybe you could do the shorter version but yes I will say this.. It is so difficult to stop putting our two cents and noses into our family business.. Heck I do it myself all the time.. Example: My sis has a dog and she constantly shovels food into the dog thinking it will make the dog happy.. ; but then she gets mad when the dog gains weight so takes the poor thing on five walks a day and weighs the poor dog and then complains about the dog;s weight.. Its so insane and today I just blew up at her about it.. but I know sometimes our cup runs over and we just cant deal anymore.......Just know that you are human and we all go through this at times in our lives where we wish so bad to have picked the Walton Family to live with...and our Family of Origin sucks.. Just have to go with it all..

If you are really struggling over this type of family behavior have you ever looked into counseling or some sort of help group.. I know when I went to a therapist once and explained how messed up my family dynamics were he told me to actually divorce my family and keep very strict boundaries and that is not easy when you are Italian.. LOL. Oh; and I know many are not a fan of Dr.Phil but he does have some good books out on family dynamics. Worth a free read at the library...............

Anyway; Hope you are okay and can sort this out... We are here for you regardless..

Take Care