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Tue, 10-30-2012 - 3:05pm


I wanted to apologize again about your situation........I know you are going through a lot - I admit I had just got the "lay off" notice that day and had had a few glasses of wine.  I scanned through the posts and and heard "lawyer".......thinking that it's best for everyone to get along.  Then, I got your message correcting me and I re-read the posts and learned the absolute h *ll you are going through.

I'm glad that it seems a little better, and I'm sorry that I wasn't more sympathetic.  I hope we're okay. :)


P.S. I tried to PM you but was unsuccessful.........

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Tue, 10-30-2012 - 7:05pm

It's okay.  We all have our moments.  I'm just really hoping he doesn't pull any more crap, but I'm sure he will.  It makes me really, really glad I never just got pregnant on purpose just to have a baby.  None of my exes would be someone I'd want to have to share with.