So thankful for friends

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So thankful for friends
Thu, 07-04-2013 - 12:08pm

In my neighborhood we always have the fireworks on July 3--they set them off from the beach about a mile from my house so I can just walk down to the end of my street and see them.  A lot of people in the neighborhood will have parties.  Since I got divorced, basically I've been alone (except for my son and one time when my friend visited her in-laws, who live across the street) but I was kind of envious of the people with their parties.  I was going to have a party last night but my friend, who lives on the opposite side of the beach, wanted to have it at her house since she has an 11 yr old son & wanted to be home to keep an eye on him.  Less trouble for me since I had to work all day.  So it was probably about 10 women, some dance friends and some of her nurse friends and we had the backyard barbecue then walked down to the beach when the fireworks started.  It was perfect weather and it was so nice to sit on the beach in our lawn chairs right at the water and there were no loud partiers and kids running around like there are in my neigborhood.  At that moment, I was just so thankful to have a nice group of friends to share fun times with.

Today I am basically relaxing at home--it's hot and my son has to go to work in the afternoon, and then I have to work tomorrow.  It would kill my boss to give us an extra day off and I'm not taking a day w/o pay.  He told the office manager that if it's not busy (which I'm sure it won't be) we can go home at 2:00.  Since he usually doesn't come in until 2:00 I bet that means that he won't come in, while he is making us go to work.

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Thu, 07-04-2013 - 2:03pm

That is great Music and the way to do it.. So happy for you..

At first I was going to drive an hour away to some woman;s house and hang out but then when I asked her to go to see fireworks and a outdoor band at a huge venue she said she doesnt go out on fourth of July. I was like okay  I dont need that let down so just staying at home and taking some walks and when I did I just ran into some people and neighbors and just hanging out and talking.. I bought some food so after I eat probably going to take another walk and go and check out the local fireworks....

I dont mind anyway because the traffic report didnt look good and the crazies on the road and huge crowds better off sticking close to home. There is enough to keep me occupied with the beach and local fireworks that it will be fine..

I have my food and the weather is perfect.. A bit hot but that is okay by me .. My snacks to watch the huge Macy's day fourth of July thingy on tv..

so enjoy your relaxing day and get some sun.. Its good for you.. Vit. D you know.. (Hee hee)


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Sun, 07-07-2013 - 10:51am

That sounds so idyllic, Music . . . like a scene from a movie.  I'm glad you had a nice holiday :)

It rained the entire weekend in Chattanooga so no fireworks but we made the most of it.  We tried three different dance clubs on the 4th but due to the weather and holiday, they were all dead.  Actually, I am wondering if everyone was in Nashville ;)  In retrospect, I wish we'd just spent one day there but Ruby Falls, Rock City and the Incline Railway were all a good time.  There was a swinging bridge on Lookout Mountain and there was a point where I thought I wouldn't make it all the way across but the view was totally worth it ;)