Solving the problem my way

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Solving the problem my way
Fri, 02-08-2013 - 9:18pm

A couple of weeks ago, I was deadset on becoming a speed dating event organizer... then the company sent me a copy of their manual. There are so many things they don't allow, I'd be better off starting my own group.

I happen to live in an area where you have to drive at least 10 miles in any direction to find any happenin' events for singles---when they do have them. The bars/drinking thing has been done to death and attracts PUAs, so I've been thinking of starting a group which will stay local, and will do things like costume parties, potlucks, and hikes. I asked a number of people and they all agreed costume parties would be fun... again, no one in the area is doing those.

So, I'm teaming up with a musician friend who has experience in booking venues... and oh, yeah, maybe if I'm not having too much fun hosting the events, one of the female guests may express interest in me... Wink

For me, it's either make an effort to meet someone, or complain about being lonely and do nothing.

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Sat, 02-09-2013 - 6:08pm

I think this is a agreat idea.  If you're out having fun it doesn't matter as much if you meet someone--but then you are giving yourself a lot more opportunities.  Do you have meetup groups in your area?  You coud just start this as a meetup group and call it whatever you like and by being on the meetup website, then you have a better chance of meeting people.  I think all you have to do is pay them a small monthly fee.