Steady vs PlayingtheField

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Steady vs PlayingtheField
Sat, 03-22-2014 - 10:34am

This may sound really dumb - but I dont know which way I want to go.

I have been out there (since a divorce) on the dating scene again maybe 5 months.   Ive had a lot of dates - "first dates" get so weary.   Enjoying meeting all sorts of people.   

At the same time, the appeal of a steady relationship is there ---- one main reason:  sex.   ... greater emotional intimacy.   

What questions can I ask myself as to how I want to proceed?    ie.  I am on the verge of a steady relationship, if I want it.  There is someone appealing who really likes me - But at the same time, I look out and see many others who are appealing, whom I might like to check out - but of course that takes time, etc.   I think this person wanting a steady relationship w/me is a good person - but I am not totally sure Im ready ---- yet I appreciate someone w/whom I can make out, etc.  

Questions to ask myself to help decide?

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Sun, 03-23-2014 - 11:21am