Thank is all coming together............!!

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Thank is all coming together............!!
Tue, 10-29-2013 - 6:18pm


As some may recall, I'd posted a while ago.......basically venting about my boss.  Anyhow,  I think it was a tad bit misinterpreted, but many of you just said "Get off your butt and stop complaining!!" lol.  I was a bit mad for a day or two, but realized you were right......we are all working, trying to make ends meet and putting up with things we may not always like.  Although I was not at all thinking of packing it in......I was just frustrated.

I'd also posted about possibly making the move closer to work......based on my circumstances here (Mr. Ex and his family constantly roaming the building seems like, undesirable neighbourhood) plus the cost of commuting to work.......I decided to take the plunge and move.

My three months is up next week and I have to sign the lease on my new place this week (move date - December 1st).  I heard my boss making a call yesterday and for the first time I felt nervous, so I talked to her in private and just explained my situation and asked if there would be any surprises at three months (next week).  I know that's quite unconventional, but given that I am about to sign a lease binding me for a year (for significantly more rent) I felt I had to ask.  She said no, she did not plan to let me go.........

Chewed that over last night.........then this morning the VP called me in and basically said that they were absolutely very happy with me, my work, my attitude, etc. and that if a change were to be made it would be on my part.  My boss had told him about the lease and he said "Sign away" here is chance of restructuring (and basically we like you)........

Wow!!! It all seems to be finally coming together.  It's going to be a push to move, but I have already started and found some cheap movers........

Now if only my love life was the same.......someone in this area asked me out on a date (I assumed he was divorced) but waited until the date to tell me that "he and his wife don't get along and he lives in the basement of their house".  Hmm.......had to send that one (politely) packing!!

Still a ways to go but I wanted to thank all of you who have chimed in and provided inspiration, practical advice or just plain told me to smarten up!! lol

btw.......Congratulations cfk!!


Mel :)

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Congrats, Mel! We only beat up on you because some of us have been through all this kind of crap and want to keep our younger sisters from making the same mistake.

Don't sweat the love life.  Some of us are  a lot older than you and have not found the elusive "One."  Not to say you won't.  Just keep moving forward and making yourself happy You never know what will happen.  But please do not settle for poor treatment and substandard men.

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So glad that things are working out for you!  Take your time, there is no rush to date.  Once you are moved and settle in, you will feel so much better and less likely to sell yourself short.  Good job and good luck!  ;-)

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I'm glad you won't have to be subjected to your ex and his family every day(at home).  I'm sure that isn't very much fun.  I'm also happy that your commute will be shortened.  I'm within minutes of work for the first time in my life and it's AWESOME :)  Maybe this new job and new dwelling will stick for a while :)  I hope so!   

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Wow Mel... this is a m a z i n g news!!

Brilliant. Fantastic! Well done!

You've finally found the right job, knock on wood. Next, you're going to find the right man! Moving to a new area is perfect for the purpose - stroll around, check out local watering holes, see what's happening, who knows what crosses your path?? :)

Am truly seriously very happy for you!

How close to work are you now? Is the area  an improvement from where you are now? (only for a little while longer!)

Here in London, UK, saving on rent through choosing to live in a dodgy area is seriously NOT recommended. There's a very good reason why the 2-bed flat I share with dh in north-west London is twice the price of what the very same flat would be somewhere like, g** forbid, Catford in south-east London. (sorry if anyone  here lives in Catford, SE6, London, UK!!)

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That's very good news.  I think it was smart of you to ask your boss about your status before you signed the lease--and great that the VP is happy with your work.  Having a short commute will be great and you can get away from the strange ex so his family won't be spying on you--don't leave a forwarding address.  lol

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Sounds like things are looking up for you.  Glad to hear about the encouraging things your boss said - that's gotta feel good!  Best of luck to you (and good luck with the move)!


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That is great news Mel, congratulations! :-) Best of luck!
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Good to hear things are looking up and moving is a very good idea.  One thing: a love life happens when you are living life.  It is never a goal.