There is Hope!!!!

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There is Hope!!!!
Wed, 11-09-2011 - 10:36am

So last night I went to a birthday/dinner party in a very nice restaurant. The birthday boy was 65 and most of the people that attended were like over 50. It was a great time and there was food and music and singing and dancing..

It was nice to know that there were actually two older couples who were getting married . One couple this Thursday and the other couple next year. I swear the one couple getting married Thursday was like atleast 70 or older.. The woman of the pair was playing the keyboards and singing. She was awesome and she plays professionally..

I was also sitting next to a couple in which the man was 83 and the woman a bit younger.. The woman told me that they met in a lounge 15 years ago and that they are together ever since.

I know I ate too much but that is another story.

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Wed, 11-09-2011 - 11:40am

I was hoping you were going to say you met someone--at least you had a good time.

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Wed, 11-09-2011 - 1:44pm
Awwwe, thanks for sharing this with us. I just love older couples...they are so darn cute!! When I found out that the couples, who had "scenes" between the main storyline of When Harry Met Sally, were actors, I felt so cheated ;)
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Wed, 11-09-2011 - 7:10pm