Top 10 Reasons You Are Single

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Top 10 Reasons You Are Single
Wed, 06-19-2013 - 1:06pm

I "like" a site called "I Dated That D--che" on FB, and it had this article today "Top 10 Reasons You Are Single". It's written by a rather wise-cracking woman, and much of it is everything you've heard before, but you might find it amusing.

Here are the reasons:

1.  Persistent on finding perfection

2.  Relax and stop over planning

3. Alcohol + Communication= Recipe for FAIL

4. Stop making excuses

5.  Make some single friends

6.  Chiggity-check your standards

7. Input overload

8. Leave some mystery

9.  Snappin’ as$ b-tches, sleep with sad wishes

10. Stop seeing being single as a “problem”

I agree with #10, but I really, really hate it when someone says "YOU MUST BE OK WITH BEING BY YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CAN SUCCESSFULLY BE WITH ANOTHER." I also don't see "Go out as late as you want, do what you want" as a great advantage to being single. Sorry, I just don't. Can't you do that when you're in a relationship?


**hey, I got the "profanity filter" again!

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Wed, 06-19-2013 - 7:57pm

 Because I an no longer interested in a live -in but want a lover at arm's lenght.Cool