Top Ten Signs You're on a Bad Blind Date

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Top Ten Signs You're on a Bad Blind Date
Thu, 07-03-2003 - 6:58pm
I think I've actually gone out with a couple of these guys . . .

Top Ten Signs You're on a Bad Blind Date


10. He already has your name tattooed on his bicep.

9. He insists on photographing you while you eat for his "scrapbook."

8. He introduces himself to your dad as the Security Officer of the Starship Andromeda.

7. When you ask him his opinions on the Middle East, he says, "Hey, I have ALWAYS thought Chinese chicks were hot."

6. When he sees a cop in the rear view mirror, he screams "Get down!" and floors it.

5. When the waitress drops off the check, he asks if she would mind scribbling down her phone number too!

4. He asks for crayons to color on the placemat. It's a linen tablecloth.

3. He makes you sit in the back seat, because his imaginary friend Charlie has already called "shotgun."

2. After inviting you back to his place for a cappuccino, he double bolts the door and asks, "So, does the sight of blood bother you?"

And the number one sign that you're on a bad blind date . . .

1. He's your ex-boyfriend!