Uh Oh....Got that feeling!!!

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Uh Oh....Got that feeling!!!
Fri, 07-18-2003 - 5:48pm
I have recently become very close friends with my guy pal Carl. He really likes me and I have all of a sudden begun to feel that all but familiar anxiousness to hear from him these days. I have decided I am not ready to date right now after a horrible break up 5 months ago, but I can`t fight the feeling (you all know) when I think about him.

I do not want to be in a relationship - I do not....but something is telling me that I`m beginning to feel differently about him and I desperately am trying to fight it. People would say "Don`t fight the inevitable" .... "Don`t turn away potential love"....but ya know I just have to ignore it. I am not physically attracted to him all that much, but when we talk on the phone I just don`t want to hang up!!! AHHHHHH I`m not angry about it but i`m dissapointed in myself for allowing this to keep up....I by no means want to stop being friends with him but man oh man,....I can`t fall in love...I`m not healthy enough to! He is my best friend....why does this always happen?!

Anyone have this problem? If you do...please please give me advice!

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Fri, 07-18-2003 - 6:09pm
If you're not really attracted to him, you're probably feeling a bit of a "rebound" for him. I'd stop talking to him as much and rely on your *other* friends too. The feelings will probably pass if you limit your contact with him for a bit.


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Fri, 07-18-2003 - 8:51pm
It seems to me that you're lonely. He's the closest guy around, so you are thinking about him in a romantic way. My suggestion is to try and date others (not a relationship, just date) and I suspect those feelings will go away.

Good luck.