Weeding thru the list update

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Weeding thru the list update
Tue, 09-16-2003 - 4:52pm
I usually only post my successes...so I thought I'd share an update about my "list" of men from last week.

Guy #1: met for coffee a second time...everything is going really well. We have a conversation about physical conact (ie: what we will and won't do & when). After explaining I never kiss on a first date...he tries to kiss me! Not the worst thing, but at the end of the night he asks me, "So are you ok or do I need to drive you to a bus stop?" Its dark, rainy and in a deserted neighbourhood! Next!

Guy #2: stands me up. Sent an email 1 hr after our arranged date time saying "after our phone conversation, I realized we may not be compatible." I was wondering the same thing and SPECIFICALLY asked him if he still wanted to meet? (Cause I'm not the warmest phone person & maybe he's the same...but our values/ideals were enough to interest me further). Next!

Guy #3: Great conversation, romantic restaurant...I'm melting like butter...and then he gropes my ass as I get up to use the ladies room! Next!

Guy#4: has been seperated from gf of 3 yrs for only 3 months. So I tell him that I won't go out on a date with him - but this winter we should definately do some skiing and revive our friendship (we've been friends for 10 yrs). So basically, I chickened out ;-)

Guy #5: I was exhausted from work and called him 3 hrs before the date to reschedule. He said he still wanted to meet and he'd call me. But he hasn't...so I guess I blew it. But I need some sleep!

Guy #6: Met him at a bar. He's a good dancer & he was actually sober all night...so I am not sure if I should give him a chance or not...my gfs all liked him...lol...

Gur #7: I met in a chatroom, talked on the phone twice...and am meeting tomm...

Thats about it for the last 1.5 weeks. I am not even thinking about it...I am just doing. No analyzing...just see where it goes...if it goes...so far, its been working well b/c I am in a "whatever" mode.

Hope everyone is having BETTER luck out there!


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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 5:32pm
Thanks for the update...I was *wondering* how things were going for you! I had to laugh (with horror!) at the guy groping you...what are these men THINKING????

My main beef these days is lack of follow through...guys saying they will call on a certain day and then...nothing. Weeks later, they pop up again. I'm willing to give *one* second chance, but that's it. They better show me something at that point.


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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 6:31pm
dang girl! what a busy week and a half!

Guy #1: you tell him no kissy kissy but he tries anyway? geez! talk about not knowin' boundaries...

Guy #2: gave up too soon! what an idjiot...

Guy #3: ack, ass grabbin' a big no no on a first date... 1st date = let the woman make the physical moves (except maybe a kiss).

Guy#4: 3 months is long enough to get over somebody... well, depending on the circumstances of the breakup...

Guy #5: he still might call... maybe playin' the waiting game. he doesn't wanna seem to desperate afterall.

Guy #6: maybe he might be fun to play with...

Gur #7: good luck!

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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 9:29pm
I like bachelor #6. However, I guess we'll just have to see. Keep us updated, even on those not so great guys!