Weekend update

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Weekend update
Sun, 04-27-2003 - 7:42pm
Saturday, I went to my niece's 14th birthday. It was a normal party for my family, except for one thing.

My sister (her mom) has a new boyfriend. He's 39, retired Navy, and now substitute teaches. I don't like him. They haven't been officially dating for very long. They met through match.com, and I think they talked for awhile before they met due to distance. I think it's only been about a month since their first date. Let me tell ya, this guy is BORING. And he just rubbed me the wrong way for several reasons.

1. He wouldn't keep his paws off my sister. The whole time, he had her in one of those cuddly wrap around from behind hugs. That was their normal position. Now, when you're trying to have a conversation with someone, to me that's just not polite.

2. He was getting on to my nieces. After a month, in my eyes, he has no right to tell them what to do!! For example, my niece was throwing a fit, as a six year old will do, and was sitting in the doorway. He spent a good three minutes telling her in his firmest voice to close the door. The windows were open, it was a nice day. Finally, I said something. I just politely said that all she wants is attention and if you ignore her, she'll quit. He got in one more "close the door", then left her alone. Well, guess what she did next??? Closed the door and quit throwing her fit! Hmm...I wonder if Aunt Shy knows better than Mr. Boring does!

3. He waited on us! It was like I was a guest in my sister's house, but it wasn't her house, it was his. I just didn't like it.

I dunno- my sister may want a guy who does everything for her, and he may make her happy, but gosh, I just really don't like him! Neither does my 14 yo niece.

I went out w/ my best friend Saturday night. We had to cruise the bars first, searching for a certain someone's jeep so we could go to the "right" place. We didn't find it, so we went to the normal spot. She found another guy who "always hits on" her. However, she wouldn't go talk to him because there was another girl near him that was wearing the exact same shirt as she was. Yes, folks, we've been out of high school for eight whole years now.

There was another guy there that she had been talking about that is friends with her ex. He came over to talk to her, and this guy was the only one who has ever been nice enough to include me in the conversation. Overall, it was an okay night. I think she's going to become infatuated with this guy as well, even though he said "I don't date" and he's been divorced twice at 29. He even admitted cheating on one of his wives, more than once. I can guarantee you next time I go home, she'll wanna do a drive by.

After we left the bar, we had to do a drive by of Jeep guy's house. He wasn't home, so we had to cruise to see if he would be "out". (Yep, still outta high school.)

And she wonders why I never come home!