What Now?

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What Now?
Thu, 09-04-2003 - 7:02pm
Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I logged on to this site. First let me re-introduce myself. I am a divorced 30someting year old male. I first came to you guys for advice on how to prevent my divorce, then I had some dating questions. You all helped me a lot with my relationship problems. OK, now I got a new one. I met Jenn through a friend(Adrianna) in Las Vegas when I traveled there to compete in a bodybuilding contest. Adrianna came to Vegas to watch me compete and brought Jenn along. Anyway, I got to know Jenn during the 3 days I was in Vegas. I couldn't stop thinking of her since then. About a week went by and I ran into her at the gym that I workout at. She was planning to do a local bodybuilding show which was about 10 weeks away, so I suggested that we work out together and she agreed. We have been working out together everyday for about 6 weeks now. I invited her to my place twice and we watched videos and I made her some dinner. We have had some good conversations and I have gotten to know her a lot during these times. I'm pretty sure she knows I am crazy for her, but has not showed it. When she left my place those two times I did not even get a hug or a kiss goodbye.(is that a bad sign?) Just a "Thanks For Dinner!" Anyway, we planned to visit a museum this weekend and I was wondering if I should tell her how I feel. If so, how should I go about telling her? She told me she likes my company and planned to bring a movie that we both want to see to my place next week where I plan to make her dinner again. The only thing is that I do not want to distract her from her training. She even asked if we could continue traning together even after she is done with the show. So my problem is: Do I tell her how I feel or do I continue doing what we are doing? And do you think she already knows how I feel and is just waiting for me to say something or "make my move"?

Thanks for your help

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Fri, 09-05-2003 - 8:22am
You know, I think she's probably just as confused about what's going on as you are. Have you picked up on anything that tells you she may be interested? If you haven't made a move, she may be shy and won't do it herself, so you wouldn't know.

My opinion is to ask her out on a DATE. Take her out to dinner so it's not so casual. Then tell her you'd like to pursue something with her. If you don't tell her, she's never going to know. As for the timing issue, is it ever the perfect time? We can all use that excuse, but really, you've just gotta jump in head first and see what happens.

Welcome back, and let us know what happens!