Would you respond to this man?

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Would you respond to this man?
Mon, 11-11-2013 - 1:50pm

he has a couple of pics looks like self-taken with cell phone. which is fine by me. Not handsome but good enough.

Now, he has a brief discussion about himself, what he likes to do for fun,ect...superficial really.

Under the demographic areas: nothing other than height and never used drugs. Other than that nothing. This area includes education, field of work, children, etc...I would at least want to know the person's education/career and whether or not he has/want children.

Not only does he not provide enough information, he does not introduce himself, just said we matched and asked, "tell me more about yourself".

I think it's only fair to know these things since I have filled it out and it is important for many people. You can't just pick a guy online b/c he's tall enough and looks decent with some superficial knowledge about him. IRL, it's different b/c you can talk right and learn about each other right there.

Now that I think about it. The dork probably sent out this generic email to all the women he "matched". In this case I won't waste my time.


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Mon, 11-11-2013 - 3:29pm

Well you could always write back & ask him if he wants kids & what is his education?  That only took me 30 seconds to type.  I do agree that it's annoying if the only thing the guy says in his initial email to me is tell me more about you.  That's not much effort.  But how about his interests?  does he sound fun?  I also think you can tell about someone's education or at least intelligence by how they fill out their profile.  Do they have spelling & grammar errors?  Do they say they like to read books or just watch TV & drink beer?

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Tue, 11-12-2013 - 9:59pm

Is this guy dense or what? I wrote back saying your profile is lacking some basic info such as education, profession, have kids, etc...

so he wrote back to me: Thanks for your message I really appreciate well I'm new to this site as I am still looking for a way out if here id like to know you more also tell you more about myself if you got any question ask away I will tell you ... I'll be looking forward to hear from you ... 

Incomprehensible run-on sentences. No proper intro. My scammer radar is flashing. So did the mining engineer figured I didn't bite so he's trying a different style now?

Here's his profile:

Good heart I enjoy the company of the active and positive people ,I tell it as it is I don't have time for pretenders and fake people I am not materialistic but I love to dress and look good . I enjoy camping , fishing,bowling and football I love sitting around the fire listening to blues I feel so relax when sharing with someone ..
On weekend I enjoy going to the theater ..

I you and I are lucky to meet you will find a good listener and lively person fun to be with if you would like to be spoiled lets give it. Whirl have more fun and more fun ...



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Tue, 11-12-2013 - 10:25pm

Look it mean nothing.  And what age is he?  After 40 education can be misleading.  I myself dated a women who was  a bit older and had been a LasVegas Show girl and was an artist and very well read and highly intelligent.  There are many who are self taught.  But the only way is to meet.  No meeting then all they are is a pen pal.


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Tue, 11-12-2013 - 11:02pm


it means something b/c every dating website has these basic things people fill out. Like it or not and exceptions considered, these basic things give a good glimpse into who you are. If you are a stripper going to law school that's fine, you can describe that in your profile but to not give much background and only say you're fun and doting, etc... is too generic for me. That's how it is online, what you can find out in a conversation in real life is not there so you need to provide those things by answering questions.

The guy himself most likely uses some kind of criteria (provided by the women who took the time to answer questions) I hope to pick out women so why should the woman not require more info from a guy? it's only fair.

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Wed, 11-13-2013 - 2:33pm

I have a really good sense about finding scammers on OLD sites now.  The bad grammar and sounding like they don't really speak English are usually telltale (since a lot of the scammers are in Africa).  People who come here from foreign countries & are legit usually mention somewhere that they were born in France or wherever.  Also things that sound really generic and a lot of romantic stuff--I think that's a scammer a lot of times.  If you read a whole bunch of profiles, like even expanding your age range or educational range just as a learning exercise, you'll find the guys who write something that's original.  They don't sound like carbon copies of everyone else.  A lot of people might put that they like romantic walks on the beach at sunset, but is there anything else?  Yes, he likes football--a normal guy would probably say that he's a huge fan of a particular team.  And I suppose it's possible for a guy to love camping, fishing and the theater, since my ex was a big sports fan but also enjoyed musicals, but I'd say it's probably not that typical.  so use some common sense and if things don't really seem right, they probably aren't right.

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Wed, 11-13-2013 - 6:33pm
I'm with Music. Scammer. The grammar mistakes are too obvious and the fact that he's looking for a way out of someplace.