Yet another shower

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Yet another shower
Wed, 11-05-2003 - 9:02pm

You know, I think that once we hit a certain age, we should get a single shower.

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Thu, 11-06-2003 - 12:22am
Ha, I have read that some single women have actually started doing just that - throwing showers for themselves to get gifts!

I think Emily Post is turning over in her grave.

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Thu, 11-06-2003 - 2:25am
Do you ever watch Sex in the City ? This past season I think Carry actually brought that up. And she kind of threw a shower for herself. It was pretty cute. If you have not seen it, you should check it out. I have been pretty lucky and my friends are staying single and the married ones are not all getting pregnant yet. But as it starts to happen, I am sure I will "feel your pain"


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Fri, 11-07-2003 - 9:35am
I don't have many female friends so I don't get invited to showers all that often.

It's funny though, I've heard about a few of them that are in the works for girls my age, and in all honesty, they sound really tacky. The one group of girls, all they did was bicker back and forth about what they should vs. what they should not do and the other shower was just going to be a version of a all-girls drinking fest just like the ones we had back in high school.

Turns out, I heard about that wedding, and my friend told me it was just like a big party at high school ie - no class whatsoever....

I'm in no rush, I could care LESS about being single or finding the right one to throw a shower and get presents. I'll stay single, make money for me, then go out and buy stuff for myself, LMAO!!


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Fri, 11-07-2003 - 10:54pm
I'm also going to a baby shower - on Sunday.

Baby showers make me feel excited and happy. Wedding showers make me nauseous.

First, maybe my opinion is unpopular but I think it's excessive to throw parties and expect gifts for the enagagement, the shower AND the wedding.

Secondly, I'll admit that wedding hoopla incites pangs of jealousy that baby showers don't. Maybe it's because even if you don't have your own baby you can always fawn over and play with other people's babies. But you're unwed, you can't exactly fawn over and play with other people's husbands. ;-)


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