Got my accetance letter!

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Got my accetance letter!
Tue, 04-20-2010 - 3:30pm
I got letter saying that I got into the Vet Tech program. I'm so, so, so, happy! Now I have to actually survive the program and graduate. Haha. Classes start in August, Monday through Thursday. Between now and then I have to move into a cheaper house, cut my bills and my shifts at work so I can actually be there.
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Tue, 04-20-2010 - 3:39pm


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Tue, 04-20-2010 - 3:54pm
congratulations - thats so exciting!
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Tue, 04-20-2010 - 9:03pm
YAY!!!!! That's awesome!!!
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Wed, 04-21-2010 - 10:20am


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Wed, 04-21-2010 - 2:00pm
WONDERFUL news! You know how *I* feel about anyone in the vet business! Best of luck to you in pursuing your dream!

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