Kim, Nicole how are you?

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Kim, Nicole how are you?
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:13am
Okay now I officially HATE the new format. Not only could I not find yesterday's posts in case I missed an update from either of you, I couldn't post this without entering "text" in the post. ARGH
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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 11:00am
Andrea, did you get to find yesterday's posts? I found them in the archives, and I didn't see any new replies from Kim or Nicole. Just so you know you didn't miss anything

Patiently waiting to hear from both of them.




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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 6:02pm
Hey Andrea:

Thanks for you reply to my post. Actually, what you said makes sense. I dont understand why he wouldnt see it as crossing the line this time.

You said how MG has to flirt at the gigs because its expected. Well, G has to do somewhat of the same thing being a car salesman. You have to put on the charming face and personality to deal with people. Some of them need a bit more "oomph" than others, but it happens. We talked about this way back at the beginning of our relationship and how men in his occupation do get asked out quite a bit because of the way they have to appear and act in order to do their job properly. I told him it didnt bother me, and it didnt because I knew that we both understood that there is a fine line that can be crossed and take things too far. (As I'm sure both you and MG know...)

I opened up and had a long talk with my mother about it. She says that she doesnt think G would ever do something like that with the way that he adores Pheebs and myself. But her main problem is - why all the secrecy? She says he could of mentioned it, and if it was such a gag or a joke - why not clue me on it. While it wasnt the nicest of things to do - he should have let me know what was going on and I have to agree with her. Its the secrecy that makes it bother me so much.

Back to X - when he was looking at the adult personal ads and I caught him - he claimed it was because it was the easiest way to get free porn. I told him that I could understand that if he wasnt just looking exclusively at people in our local area and if he had not been so secretive about it - he would only look at it when I was in bed for the night.

I still dont know. He wants everything to be just fine and dandy, but at this point I just cant brush it under the rug and call it ok. I'm not a big fan of counseling though either. While I know it would probably be very beneficial to both of us - every experience I've ever had with a counselor was a POOR one.

Thanks for your input though.