In my happy place with CD.....

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In my happy place with CD.....
Sun, 04-18-2010 - 11:18pm
OK- Now that I had my little OLD vent, I should catch everyone up on me!
CD and I are still going strong and things couldn't be better.
We've both been so busy lately. I was at Furniture Market all weekend so we hadn't seen each other hardly at all since last Wednesday. Last weekend I spent the weekend nights with him but we both had things going during the day so not much veg time.
We are getting along great, settling into a comfort zone.I love where my heart is going with this and when I look back over the last year and 1/2 I can see how far we have both come. We've said some comments lately that are worth noting... one night last week my brother was visiting and we had a big family fish fry. CD brought beer for us. My favorite beer is Blue moon and I especially like their summer blend called "Honey Moon". They also have a spring on called "Rising Moon" or something like that. Well... When he brought the Blue Moon he mentioned they had the spring one at the store but he didn't buy it. I said (without thinking, no pun intended) "yea, cause were waiting for the Honey Moon"
He took me in his arms, looked me in the eye, KISSED me, smiled and said "Yea we are". Those are the times when I think he is Hot,hot,hot! Can you say BIG SMILE????? I was grinning from ear to ear!
We both travel quite often and in the past wouldn't call each other while we were away on a trip. The last time he went out of town he called me at least once and this time I was away and we talked both nights. Tonight when he was at the house he told me he'd missed me and we talked about how much we'd changed over the past year. We're both loving how much more we include each other in the other ones life. We've gotten where we see each other 4-6 times a week.
Now if I could just get some more nakie time!!!!!! Seems like between work, kids, trips we have a hard time finding alone time.
In two weeks we are going to the beach with 2 other couples for 4 days and I can't wait! When we went a year ago that was the first time we told each other we were in love.
An anniversary of sorts-lol!
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Mon, 04-19-2010 - 7:57am

Great Update.

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Mon, 04-19-2010 - 11:09am

Sounds like things are going very well for you guys.

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Mon, 04-19-2010 - 3:01pm

Awe... you are having a "love-a-versary"

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Mon, 04-19-2010 - 9:41pm
Totally tubular girlie!!!! Awesome update. That happy place is such a warm and fuzzy place to be. I am so happy for you two. Yay ya'll!!!
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Tue, 04-20-2010 - 9:49am
How exciting!!! You two are progressing so well. I'm thrilled that you are going on this vacation with your couple friends. That will be a blast. I can't wait to hear all about it!!!
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Tue, 04-20-2010 - 12:04pm
I love this update! It gave me the warm fuzzies:) And I remember the beach trip and how in love you were when you came back. So glad things are continuing to grow and bring such happiness!
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Tue, 04-20-2010 - 12:48pm

This is a great update!

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Sat, 04-24-2010 - 7:37am
Oh how wonderful! You 2 sound so happy together. I hope you manage to grab some alone time before going away!

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Sun, 04-25-2010 - 9:24pm
Hey Tracy - what is happening with you these days?