4 dates and now I am confused

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4 dates and now I am confused
Tue, 04-19-2011 - 3:05pm

I know I posted this in another message board but I would like some more help.

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Tue, 04-19-2011 - 3:17pm

He could be a "traditional" type man in the sense that he wants to be the giver of help to a woman, rather than the receiver.

I can't tell exactly what's going on but he did tell you that he was going to be very busy. Here's what I would do: Since you two text one another, I would text him with "I hope your week goes well. I know you're busy lately, but let me know the next time you want to get together and we can make plans"

Then he knows you're waiting on him to make the next move, and he'll either take it or he won't.

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Tue, 04-19-2011 - 6:30pm

Men are weird but really not that hard to understand. He is busy with work that is what he is focused on. My advise step back after you you let him that when he is not busy call and we will get together. Then do nothing. If he likes you he will call if not walk on but do not corner him by emails, phone calls and texts he will run. Do not offer help if he decides to talk about it offer to listen with out giving advise on how to fix it. Just listen.