Advice needed. ASAP!!!

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Advice needed. ASAP!!!
Mon, 04-25-2011 - 12:12am

This is for my daughter,because I do not know how to help her. Here is what happened. We went to a local restaurant for lunch and when we walked in,there was an instant connection between her and the host,even I felt it. The host,John,paid a lot of attention to my daughter and they exhanged numbers. He hugged her goodbye when we left and told her to text him. Well,to make a long story short,they texted back and forth and he came over 2 days later. He was here for 10 hours,in which he told us the following; he was a model for 3 months,he was trying out for a minor league baseball team in 3 weeks,he did not believe in cheating,he is a 1 woman man,and his parents raised him right. He is 19 and so is my daughter. John and my daughter went to her room to watch a movie and to talk,and she later told me he told her they were boyfriend and girlfriend. He has told her so many nice things: she's beautiful,he wants to make her happy,and they are toghether. The problem is,what he says and what he shows are 2 different things. He waits 2 hours,or more,to text her after work,he tells her he wants to see her,but he has a hard time finding the time. Is he for real?It seems too fast for me,and I think he is not being truthful. My daughter has been completely taken in by him. Please help!!!!

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Mon, 04-25-2011 - 8:20pm

Hi - I am new here and I know YOU know this is not good.

She needs to read the posts here - 19yr olds will listen to any sweet guy.

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Mon, 04-25-2011 - 3:17am

Sorting out the good from the bad is all part of the learning experience of dating.

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Mon, 04-25-2011 - 1:09am

PS...Keep in mind most guys at 19 will say anything to get in a girls pants... Boys put

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Mon, 04-25-2011 - 1:05am

My first concern ...moved way to fast!!! As far as him texting her and wating...minor crap...the guy I am dating ...we go a couple days with out texting or talking....she has been taken by him..well tell her to let go a little. Girls who wrap thier whole being around guys like this are not emotionally healthy and the fact she is only 19 she is not emotionally mature...come on mom get a clue...I have a 24 year old daughter I have always told my daughter to never wrap herself around a guy like that. be her ownslef on her own. its not healthy for anyone to be that taken by anyone so fast...shes only 19 she should be dating lots of guys.