Do you believe in "The Look"

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Do you believe in "The Look"
Wed, 03-03-2010 - 2:43pm

It has been said that you are able to read if a man likes you by the way he looks into your eyes. I've come across this in a few body language articles and the time when I actually do experience it, it is actually true that he is interested.

Do you believe that

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Wed, 03-03-2010 - 7:13pm

I don't have any research Hopeful other than being in the world for awhile lol, but I believe The Look is absolutely 100% true, as far as he is sexually attracted to you.

As for subconscious or not, I don't know, but I have read dilation of pupils is subconscious for when people see something they like, studied by poker players.

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Wed, 03-03-2010 - 11:09pm

Hi newyearpub

Thanks for replying.

Recently a male friend of mine kept giving me "The Look" and I decided to confront him about it because I am interested in him. He told me that he wasn't interested and that he didn't mean to look at me in any

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Thu, 03-04-2010 - 12:41am

For what it is worth, I think that being attracted is different from being ready to admit attraction. I have seen "the look" in the eyes of men who, for one reason or another, are not ready to act on the attraction, and they will usually deny the attraction. In those cases, I would leave it alone--if the guy doesn't want to act, then that is more "powerful" than the attraction.

I will also add that how a person looks at you is only part of the package. Many years ago, a friend of mine broke up with a husband who was essentially abusive to her. Yet I often saw them together, and his eyes, when he looked at her, were full of love. He was able to look at her this way and yet be emotionally brutal and totally selfish in private. If you didn't know any better, you would have said the man was totally in love with her and full of tenderness--but there was something else going on also that didn't show in his loving look.

More recently, my ex-husband used to give me "the look" even when he was doing everything he could to get me to leave him. (Eventually he succeeded.) It was very confusing. I have had to conclude that he still found me attractive, but he no longer wanted to "pay the price" of being a husband and father, so he told himself that he wasn't attracted, found fault with me, etc.

So don't go just with "the look." It's only part of a bigger package. The *absence* of "the look" from someone who claims to love you is very telling. The *presence* of the look from someone who denies attraction is less significant.

Just mho.

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Thu, 03-04-2010 - 5:53am

He might think you're hot stuff but not actually want to 'get into it' with you.

It's not uncommon.

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Tue, 03-09-2010 - 8:07pm
Hi This is a source of communication problems for both sexes. Both men and women tend to look at body language and maybe 60% of the time it's close to right on. But that other 40% gets everyone confused and in trouble. Worse of course is that direct communication (sexual/romantic)is difficult for most people.
I had a acquaintance and one day we were talking about this very subject. She said it was easy for her because she would be very aggressive.
Many men are "put off" by aggressiveness. So it is best guess.
Just keep trying! Calling him on you perception is still in my opinion the best way to go.
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