Does this mean anything?

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Does this mean anything?
Fri, 05-02-2003 - 8:25am
I got an email out of the blue from an old boyfriend last Septmeber. We had broke up 2 years prior to that and had not had any contact since except for a chance meeting out one night a few months after we broke up. I wrote him back and asked if he would like to meet for a drink. He wrote back and said he'd like to but he was dating someone and wasn't 100% comfortable with meeting me. Well I emailed him 2 months ago because I was just thinking abou thim and wonderin gif he was over in Iraq fighting the war. He didn't respond after a few weeks so I figured he didn't want to talk to me or was over there. Well a week ago (almost 2 months after I emailed him) I get this long email about all the stuff that's been going on in his life. He broke up with that girl, got a promotion, thinking about buying a house. He asked me some questions as to what I was up to and then said "anything else new"? and right after that he asked "are you dating"? Wouldn't that kind of fall into the "anything else new" category? Why did he separate that out? This is the way he ended the email word for word:

"Oh, and your email wasn't awkward in the slightest! In fact, it made me feel very good that you still thought about me now and then. I do the same with you and it is nice to have the validation, you know? Sorry it took me so long to write, I assure you it wasn't because I didn't want to talk to

you. I just wanted some resolution on everything going on. I had little time to spare with my tornado of a life lately. Thanks for the email and I look forward to hearing back from you!"

It's been 10 days since I wrote him and haven't heard back yet, but I know he's busy. It took him almost 2 weeks to call me and ask me out after we first met, so I guess it doesn't surprise me. Do you think he may want to go out again and see what happens between us?

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Fri, 05-02-2003 - 3:12pm
Well, to me it makes perfect sense to break that topic out sepperately. If you want to particularly know something, you don't ask someone "So, what's up?". You asking "So, how are you parents doing? Is your mom better after the knee surgery?". You may also ask a more general question, but you are better served asking about the topic you really want to know about.

Does he want to date you? Could be. He could just be interested in your social life. I know I used to ask ex-gf that quite often, even though I didn't want to date them. Morbid curiousity.