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Wed, 02-24-2010 - 12:53am

Should I be concerned if a man is estranged from his family for 20 years. The 40 year old man I'm dating has been estranged from his family since he was twenty. He has a mother and brother. His close friends are his family. I don't know much about the history as this is fairly new and we are still getting to know each other.

He seems like a decent guy so far but don't know what his emotional capability is in a relationship. His longest relationship is one year and he has been in many short term relationships.

Thanks in advance for any insights.

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Wed, 02-24-2010 - 5:22am

Being concerned for me would depend on the circumstances.

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Wed, 02-24-2010 - 7:35am
I think it all depends on what caused this estrangement from the family.

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It's not necessarily a cause for concern. It really depends on the situation.

I'd say give him the benefit of the doubt for now. As you get to know him, you'll see whether this will be an issue.

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