Is he playing games?

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Is he playing games?
Sun, 08-12-2012 - 4:38am


I met a guy through online dating about a week ago, and we texted lots before meeting up on thursday. We had a really good date, really nice kiss, and we ended up sleeping together on friday. The sex was amazing; right up there with the best I've had, everything was perfect and I really like this guy. But yesterday he said he loves me. He said it was a love at first site kind of thing and he didnt want to scare me, but I am so freaked out! I have been really hurt by an abusive ****hole in the past, and I'm not up for it again. I can't let my guard down like that. I don't want to end things, as I enjoy his company, and the fun in the bedroom; what should I do? Is he playing games (I kinda thought maybe he was trying to freak me out so I would end it? But he does seem genuine), or is he a crazy psycho? Or did he mean it (may still mean he's crazy!!). Any advice or help would be appreciated!!

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Sun, 08-12-2012 - 10:48am

I would think that someone who said that he loves me after 2 dates is nuts.  Obviously he doesn't understand the difference between love & infatuation--you can't love someone you hardly know--you can think they are attractive, fun, sexy--a lot of positive things, but not love.  I think the danger is that someone who becomes infatuated very quickly can be the type who will also "fall out of love" very fast when actual reality interferes w/ his fantasy.

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 10:26am

Every one of my serious, long-term relationships began in just such a way. In fact, if I or "the guy" don't know almost instantly that there's major potential here, I tend to lose interest very quickly. I fully believe in "love at first sight" experiences and while I agree with the other poster about love being an emotion that develops over time, that's really just semantics. We are all composed of energy and people vibrate at different levels. When you find yourself in the company of someone who vibrates on yours, you should go for it. Call it love, call it infatuation, call it whatever you want. Forget for a moment whatever may or may not be going on in his head. How do YOU feel? Deep down in your bones? Trust that.