Is he playing games??

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Is he playing games??
Tue, 08-28-2012 - 11:10am

I have a question.. So I've read everything about games that guys play to make a girl want them more... But how do I know if he's playing games.. Or just not interested?

So we used to flirt (eye contact, accidental touches, do little things for the other... Past couple days he's been acting strange... So I walk into work, I see a coworker and I notice my crush nearby so I purposefully go talk to her to see if he will come by me... So he moves closer to the shelf by her so I'd have to walk past him.. (could have been coincidence). He usually looks at me when I say hi (doesn't even look at me).. I usually have a convo with him when I first get to work, and I didn't (just to see what he would do)... So I walk with the other girl... I kinda don't talk to him until 30 mins later, and he gives me the cold shoulder so I don't even say anything and walk away...

Next thing, I walk into a room and a minute later (not even) he walks in too... I don't say anything so he's casually like "how's it goin?" (again not lookin at me)... So I go "good... why u crabby?" So he kinda smiles and goes "nothing I'm just tired" (my ass he's tired I could hear him talkin just fine w/ everyone else)... Then he said "ppl are also pissin me off"

He tells me stuff he's not suppose to tell anyone else cuz he knows I keep my mouth shut...And he'll say "don't tell them please..." I tell him "u know I don't tell anyone what u tell me, right?" He's like "idk who u talk to!"  Some of this stuff is pretty serious that if I said something before he talke to them about it they would be upset...

When I text him about work stuff he NEVER responds back.. He will do what I ask him to do, without complaining.. But I never know if he actually did it.... I asked another employee "hey when you text him about work stuff does he respond back?" and he's like "yeah he does, even if it's saying "ok" "

I've also noticed he stocks the shelves that face my department... He has a clear view of me ... Maybe this is all coincidence... Maybe I'm making it up in my head... But I feel like somethings up..

We still make eye contact.. When we first started working together he would respond to my texts and things... Maybe he hates me? lol idk... Why does he tell me stuff if he doesn't feel the need to text me about work related things? I think we're pretty close...

Couple ppl think he has a thing for me.. but they usually see when he's flirting with me, not when he's not...
idk.. maybe he's been busy??


Also, when certain coworkers talk to me, he tells tells them to go do something (stock shelves or go help this customer) ... 

Thanks! Any help would be appreciated I'm so confused...

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Wed, 08-29-2012 - 3:54am

Cutiepy, with all due respect, if you could read wouldn't be asking us to analyse what he's doing ;-)

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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 7:26pm

Cutiepy, let's cut to the chase: even if he is into you - if you can't read him, there is little chance of a good relationship resulting.   

Save your passions for people who are easy to understand and with whom you can communicate easily.    Going for anyone who offers you less is selling yourself short.

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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 4:42pm

I am older and this is the kind of thing I would write in my high school diary.  Oh Joe said hi to me today at lunch--that must mean that he really likes me.  Or he asked me if I wanted an ice cream.  I don't really mean to be harsh or make fun or you but when you get older, you just get tired of this stuff.  If a guy likes me, then I want him to make a move & ask me out--I just don't have time to waste wondering if someone is interested or not if he doesn't actually make any moves.  If he never asks you out, then I'd say he's not interested or he just doesn't want to date someone from the same workplace.

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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 4:28pm

Hi welcome to the board!

  I agree with kendahke 1.  You described this as a crush. It is at work.  The object of your crush may have mixed feelings.  I  think from your description this crush is in a supervisory position.  That would be a career killer for him. That alone would cause a emotional conflict. 

  Almost all humans have crushes as they grow up and even into adulthood.  That is part of the human experience.