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Mon, 08-06-2012 - 12:20pm

Hi Everyone,

I can't believe this has happened to me again. Let me explain. My ex and I lost our virginity to each other 1 year ago. We broke up after a month and a half, mainly because I was having jealousy issues. However, we were always in contact with each other and we both dated other people. I did try to get him to come back to me twice,but he always chose not to. Now it is a year later and we are still talking. I just recently became single and he has a girlfriend that he has had for 7 months now. But that has not seemed to matter. He texted me all day when they went to a concert and he told me he wanted to hang out with me. He even asked me to come over,and watch a movie--as a friend. But when I was there he was affectionate with me,just like he was when we were together and he tried to get me to have sex with me. I reminded him he had a girlfriend. He also wants to know if I got any guy's numbers when I go out to the clubs and what clubs do I go to. I had a text from him at 11:30 Saturday evening asking how the club was. What is his deal? Yesterday,during the course of our conversation,he told me that he doesn't want to be with his gf forever,so I thought I had a chance with him.  I explained to him that I have learned from my mistakes in our past relationship, and that I would not be like that if we were to ever get back together. He just responded with, "interesting.' He has been texting me twice a week and the texting goes on all day. He tells me things that lead me to believe he misses me and he wants me back. Yesterday, we were texting and he said, "I love you,and I am glad we are friends."I told him I couldn't be his "friend," because I would always want more. He just replied with, "Aww:smileysad:. I told him that since we would not be getting back together,we had to let each other go. He did not respond and I haven't heard from him since, and I know I probably won't.

Please give me some idea on where his head is. I love him and I want a 2nd chance.



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Hi and welcome to the board.

IMO you put a end to that with the "Can't be friends" talk.  To me it is amazing how people put barriers in their own way.  If you desired him then all the fences need to be destroyed.  So what if he has a gf?  It is his decision wheather to stay with her.  If you truly want him then why get in your own way?

  Males eliminate rivals.  So do females who know what they want.