How to contact him...

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How to contact him...
Mon, 09-22-2003 - 10:14am
I just read the post by anthropologie and was intrigued to see that someone else is wrestling with the same issue that I am.

Some background: Grew up with Jeff, he's so shy, grew up with a stuttering problem. I always thought he was cute but never in a b/f g/f way much to the dissapointment of his best friend Greg who was also one of my very good friends who would always try to get us together.

Present situation: I see Jeff periodically, usually at group functions. I recently saw him after a long time earlier this month at our 10 yr. reunion. I found myself becoming increasingly attracted to him. We talked on a off but nothing ever came of it. This past weekend I saw him at a small movie theater in town (he works there on Sat. nights for free movies) and we chated about different things. Again, i found myself very attracted to him. We had talked about skiing at the reunion. He has never been and I go every year to a small ski area around where we live. So when I saw him this past weekend I gave him my number and told him to call if he wanted to try skiing this winter. I was so nervous that I didn't stop to think that even if he did want to contact me I put a time table on it (wait for snow) so it could be winter before I would know if he's even interested enough to go skiing with me.

Anyway, is there a non-threatning way to contact this man. Like I said, we've always been friends but I don't think I've ever called him or vice versa. He doesn't have e-mail so there goes my easy out. I don't know that I want a relationship with him but I would love to see him on a bit more of a regular basis to try to get to know him.

What do you guys think? What is a good way to approach this? Any ideas? We still have a friend in common...would it be bad to ask him if he would have any ideas about what Jeff si thinking?



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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 10:19am
My suggestion is that if you aren't looking to give out the wrong message of an interest you aren't sure you have, then it is wiser to invite Jeff along to group outings...say a group of friends go bowling one night, play pool, or take in a concert, etc...
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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 8:15pm
Hi Heather. You had posted your question on a different board, and I posted a reply to you there. My opinion is, since he does have your phone number, you don't need to contact him or call him. If he decides to, at some point, he will dial your number. But I wouldn't look up his number and call him out the blue, because it would be very awkward for you and him both. Technically, its not good manners to call someone unless they have offered you their phone number. So, you need to wait for him to call you. I know you have an interest in him, so good luck.