....I think he's dead.

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....I think he's dead.
Wed, 02-02-2011 - 1:54pm

We've been seeing each other for 1 year and some months. No real commitment yet, he's....not ready. Every time I try to walk away he's always pulling me back in. He's taken me to N.Y. to meet his parents, we've done the gifts, the weekends together. Everything but make it offical. Lately we had an arguement.

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Thu, 02-03-2011 - 5:54am

No, he's not dead.

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Wed, 02-02-2011 - 5:33pm

stop texting and calling and go about your life....if he hasnt comitted yet he wont.

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Wed, 02-02-2011 - 4:31pm

It sounds like your relationship is on the way out.

I'm not sure why you're staying with someone who can't commit to you, and you don't really feel a connection with. Why don't you take this as an opportunity to move on with your life? This relationship is going nowhere. You've known this for a while. Stop blaming him for "pulling you back in", he wouldn't be able to if you had enough conviction to really leave. You're going to have to take responsibility for still being in this relationship, or you're mentally forfeiting the power you have to leave. One of the tough parts about relationships is that you ALWAYS have to love yourself first, therefore, you have to be able to walk away (for good) at any point if you're not getting what you need and deserve to be happy.

He may have some good traits but he's not your future husband...

I hope you can find the strength to move on!! Best of luck...

PS: He's not dead, just a terrible boyfriend