Interested? Not? Possibly? I don't know.

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Interested? Not? Possibly? I don't know.
Sat, 06-04-2011 - 2:20pm

When it comes to understanding men, it might as well be my kryptonite. I'm just horrible at it and overanalyze everything. So I've come here to get an outside perspective that will hopefully allow me to see the forest for the trees.

Background: He works for the same company in a different state. I met him in an out of state training class about 6 months ago. We shared some of the same friends.

Things he does that lead to my suspicions:

- We talk on our work IM system every day at work. I mean every single day (obviously not days one is absent).

- 80% of the time, he IMs me first. It started off slowly with him asking me work-related questions. Then later on we started talking about other things and making jokes. Now we rarely talk of work.

- He's started to call my office. Last week, he called every day - sometimes more than twice a day. Just joking around.

- He constantly teases me.

- He asked for my Facebook then proceeded to ask if I had photo albums with my ex boyfriend in them. He then told me that he looked at pictures of my ex boyfriend with no specific reason.

- I told him I will be in his state soon for training. He said that if I were in his area, he would ask if I could hang out.

- He had a training class about an hour away from me. He told me about it, and told me he'd be renting a car and visiting his relatives in my area that weekend. He asked if I had suggestions for hotels. I took this as a sign of hinting so asked if he wanted to hang out on Saturday. He said if he's not too busy - sure. He asked for my phone number and gave me his. He was too busy that Saturday but called the next morning and said he was free. I already had plans for the day, but we talked on the phone for a while.

- In relation to the story above, he didn't tell our mutual acquaintance (a colleague...and his friend) that he was visiting. He only told me.

Things that make me doubt my suspicions:

- He hasn't told me he likes me in that way. He knows that's the only way I'd know.

- He teases me. (Teasing just confuses me. He's joking, but it's still confusing! haha)

- We very rarely talk outside of work. He has told me all he has time for outside of work is to study for his CPA exams and graduate classes.

- He lives in another state.

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Sat, 06-04-2011 - 7:04pm


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Sat, 06-04-2011 - 10:45pm

I think if you go to his state and he wants to hang out, then you will know he's at least slightly interested.

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Sun, 06-05-2011 - 3:11am