Just not that into me?

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Just not that into me?
Wed, 07-25-2012 - 2:14pm

I met somebody on line a few weeks ago.   He initiated the email, and we emailed a few times. He asked me for my number, and I gave it to him, and we began texting periodically.  He always initiated, but I responded.  WE spoke on the phone and set up a date.  He texted me every day from that call until the day of our date / The date went well, or so I thought, he grabbed my hand twice during the date, and then kissed me after walking me to my car.

He followed up the next day via text, and I responded.  That was last wednesday.  I texted him on friday and he responded shortly therafter, asking if I wanted to get together against next week, and when I said, absolutely, he responded, "yes!"  and I said, just let me know what works.  No response from him.  I reached out sunday (2 days later) and I got no response for almost 2 days, when he said he asked if I was free this weekend?  I responded later that evening saying that I was free on Saturday.  and then nothing.  So he reaches out ever couple of days, but usually hours or days after I text.  Every time, I assume Im getting the brush off, i get a text from him. He has checked my profile almost every day which is odd.

Its this normall early dating behavior, or does it sound like he really issn't that interested, but doesn't want to completely let it go in case whatever else he has doesn't come through?  because honestly that is how Im feeling  about it, and losing interest pretty fast.




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Wed, 07-25-2012 - 2:30pm

I think you have an accurate assessment of the situation. If it were me, I wouldn't initiate any more texts, and I might just take a while to repsond to any that he may send. I would definitely not suggest getting together--I'd want him to do that at this point.