limp ...mid sex

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limp ...mid sex
Tue, 09-30-2003 - 3:36am
I have been married to my hubby for almost 3 yrs. We dated for 4 yrs prior to that. I was 16 and he was 20 so our relationship wasn't sexual until I graduated high school. We had a great sex life...2-3 times a day everyday...could never get enough of each other. After we got married the sex went downhill. Last April we split up for 6 months and got back together in October. Sex was ok but had been better...after a while he bacame a minute man. Recently he went limp in middle of sex. Anyone else have this problem or am I an alone brusied ego. Makes me feel as if it is caused by me. An is there anything that can help sex be longer? I am feeling very deprived of a once incredible sex life.
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Tue, 09-30-2003 - 1:46pm
This is a very common medical condition, but you don't hear about it much because most men are embarassed to admit it happens to them. Please don't take it personally. Instead, get your DH to a doctor to be checked out. It can be fixed!!!



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Wed, 10-01-2003 - 10:24am
Well I'm a guy who had this problem with my

ex-wife. We had a lot of trouble in our

marriage, I was abused belive it or not.

The last time we made love this happened,

I think it was all the problems couldn't

be kept out of the bedroom.

A good, or great sex life between 2 loving

partners doesn't just happen. It takes a

lot of work, on both parts. A joint effort

to reach the worthwhile end would work best.

Good communication, and much understanding

would help a lot too. It's worth it tough,

you'll both be glad you put forth the effort.

Don't try to find blame with anyone, just

seek an honest solution.

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Thu, 10-02-2003 - 12:46am
I completely agree with your post. I have intimacy issues when it comes to him for a few reasons...I need passion. You know...the I want to treasure every part of you passion. Not everyday or anything, just once in a while. I know him very well...I know that sometimes he would like something different so I go online and do a little research on how to spice it up a little more. And I always try to toss it up for him so he doesn't get bored. My other issue is that he refuses to try and improve our sex life on MY side. I take alot of time to find different things on it to improve it for him but I can't even get him to sit down and listen to a book on tape with me to improve it for both of us. He says his only complaint about our sex life is that he is a minute man. Is it wrong for me to ask him for a little passion or romance every once in a while rather than wam bam ty ma'am? Am I going about this the wrong way? What do you think?