Lonely guy calls me out of blue

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Lonely guy calls me out of blue
Mon, 09-20-2010 - 2:50am
This past July, I started somewhat seeing a guy for a month (were sleeping with each other), thought he was into me, turns out he wasn't interested in being my bf and basically lead me on, so we had stopped talking after I confronted him about it. Anytime I would bring up something serious like "do you see this going anywhere?" or "how come you never take me out on a date", he would tell me im being psycho and freaking out, but I always said it politely and was always confused why he never talked about anything serious. We stopped hanging out after that, and then since yesterday, he's been texting me asking to "take me out to dinner" and tonight he wanted to come to my apartment to watch a movie. This is stuff he has said before 2 months ago, I didn't want to be confrontational but after he kept texting me tonight, I said "don't text me because you're lonely, let's not go back to that again". So hopefully he gets it. It's weird because I was pretty depressed about it for awhile, I had invested feelings too soon and rushed into something I thought would be more serious and it never did. Now he's back and doing the same thing because he can't find anybody to hang out with. I just don't get how a guy thinks he can pull something like that off again after he lead me on. Weird to think I was so into him a couple months ago, now I feel I'm being played stupid ONCE again.
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Mon, 09-20-2010 - 8:51am
Nah, you're not being stupid. You recognize him for what he is. Next time just ignore him. He'll get the hint eventually, and move on to someone else.

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Mon, 09-20-2010 - 9:08am

You're not being played because you're not allowing yourself to be played.

It's over, all you have to do is ignore him. I know it doesn't get you answers and it's not very satisfying, but you'll get nothing out of giving the time of day to someone who called you "psycho" when you asked him a simple question.

He sounds like a nutter, just tell him he's not welcome and block him in every fashion you can. THEN YOU WIN!