New relationship comes to a halt...why?

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New relationship comes to a halt...why?
Sun, 04-11-2010 - 9:30pm
Hi everyone,

My story is kinda long and complicated but I will just give you the important info and then you can ask anything else you'd like to know.

I broke up my my bf of 7 years in September because he had an affair. Then, I was dating from September onward. I told myself I would not get into another realtionship, that I just wanted to have some fun. I knew very well that the "fun" would be meaningless and eventually would lose its appeal. But I definitely did not want to get involved with anyone. Then in early January, I met this guy who I intended to see only for fun...once every now and then. We went on a coffee date and three days later, and several hours of chatting,

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Sun, 04-11-2010 - 11:20pm

First of all, what is the MSN thing? Why are you two playing this game? Honestly, I couldn't decide if it was intriguing or crazy or hilarious. WTH?

Then, you've known eachother three months only,



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Sun, 04-11-2010 - 11:48pm

Anita, you're overlooking some fundamental issues here. I know you're completely infatuated...and this easily explains it. But you still have to look at the basic problems.

Thing is, it doesn't matter WHY he does what he does.

The more important issue is why YOU are seeking to continue a relationship with a man who pushes you away, can't communicate and worries about what you do and who you see. I get that he seems to be a nice guy and you're infatuated....but his behaviour is the stuff which ruins relationships.

This guy is a relationship disaster waiting to happen.