One night stand that left his contact information yet I haven't heard back yet...

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One night stand that left his contact information yet I haven't heard back yet...
Thu, 08-11-2011 - 11:00am
Ok. I know, before anyone passes judgement - it was stupid and irresponsible and shouldn't have done it in the first place. I get it.
The situation: I was on holiday in another country (we will say Hong Kong) and I met a guy after many drinks throughout the evening at a bar. There were a few points that I remember thinking that this guy was a one. (Ok - stop laughing, really. I think we meet a few people throughout life who are "the ones". I have only had this feeling one other time before and we were married for 5 years. He had an affair, we've been divorced for over 2 now.) Anyway, the "ONS" was really charismatic (as they are) and we talked for hours about everything. He wasn't from "Hong Kong" but was of Asian decent and lived where I am originally from. We found out that our favorite sports teams were arch rivals and had some fun poking at each other. At this point in the evening, my friends had all gone and I was left without a key to my hotel. I knew this wouldn't be a problem but he offered his hotel and stated he had 2 beds. He also made me aware on more then one occasion that he had to leave early in the morning to go to another location. So, I went and he was a complete gentleman. I on the other hand was probably more of the aggressor and culprit in making things happen. So - fast forward a few hours. I wake up, no one is there and I find a note with contact information followed by "please email me :) <3
He was traveling for a while but I don't remember how long he said he would be in Asia for. I have emailed him and FB emailed him (same message.) This was exactly 1 week and 2 days ago. I haven't heard back. I have (unfortunately) had a ONS before and could have cared less if I ever talked to the person again. However, this time - I felt something. I can't explain it. I know it sounds delusional and crazy. But I'm really torn up.
WHY would you leave contact information (real name, real email) if you weren't interested... right? (I know it is real because I googled it and it brings up his pictures, facebook, myspace, etc.) I keep playing it over in my head and I just don't understand. He could have slipped out completely un-noticed. So why leave your real name and contact info.
Anyone have any good advice on this one?

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