Should I try to forget him?

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Should I try to forget him?
Wed, 07-30-2014 - 5:13pm


I've had a crush on a man who I've met a couple of times in some parties, but I don't get to meet him regularly. So I decided to take the bull by the horns, and I added him as a friend on Facebook and asked him out for a coffee. He turned me down - but in a nice manner. He told me I put him in a difficult spot, and that it'd be nice to have coffee with me, but that he's been seeing someone and would like to know if it'll work. He also told me he an "old school dude" in the sense that he'd have coffee dates with only one woman at a time, and that if situation is different someday, then why not. So I decided to get over my crush, but....

Two or three weeks later he started to chat me up on Facebook, asking how I was, what I'd done on my holidays etc.. Joking, using winking smileys. I was at work, so we talked for some time, and then I told him I had to go. Some days later I couldn't resist the temptation, though, and started to chat with him. We talked for two hours, joking, talking about our lives etc. I was really tired (and hungry) so I told him a couple of times I had to go, each time he asked me something more and the conversation went on and on.. He even took pictures of his instruments he plays in a band and sent them to me. Needless to say I'm not getting over my crush. Instead I'm thinking about him (a lot, to be honest), and hoping he'll contact me - but am I waiting in vain? Is he just lonely, and trying to make friends with me? Should I try to forget him, since he's already turned me down, and was seeing someone else (at least sometime ago). I just wish I wouldn't hope for something that may not be there :/ What do you think?