take his word, or expect the worst?

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take his word, or expect the worst?
Sun, 10-20-2013 - 1:53pm

Hi! I used to be pretty active on iVillage a few years back, but haven't been around in forever. So, here I am.

Here's the situation-

I'm 27. Divorced last year after 6 years of being married to my only serious relationship. Moved back to where I'm from. I have a career, a part-time job on the side, show my horses all the time and am finishing my Master's degree. I haven't really dated since my divorce because I've been simply living my life, moving on, etc. Well, long story short, I met a guy. He's a year older than me. We went out last Monday for dinner- had a great time. Conversation was awesome, etc. He kissed me when he walked me to my car, and throughout the night, mentioned mutliple times getting together again. Throughout the week, we talked. Not as much as I WANTED, but maybe that's part of my problem. He is a cop, and works long hours, which are complete opposite of my hours right now. On Wednesday, he asked me for another date on Friday, which I agreed to. Had another awesome time. I definitely enjoyed it, and he said he did too. He wasn't sure if he was going to have to fill in for a co-worker on Saturday night, but he asked me if I was busy on Saturday, and I said during the day, yes, but was free at night. He asked if I'd like to get together again if he didn't have to fill in, and I said yes. Little-to-nothing on Saturday during the day- I was thinking- why isn't he asking me to make plans for tonight, or at least telling me if he has to work or not? So, before I made other plans, I texted him to see if he was working, or if I would get to see him again. He said he didn't have to work, but was broke. I said we didn't have to go out if he just wanted to watch a movie, which he had mentioned the night before. Normally I'd pay, but of course, I misplaced my debit card and have limited cash until Monday- which he knows. He then said he was really tired, and was going to go to bed early so he could start to adjust to being back on regular hours (early mornings.) I was disappointed, because we were in the early stages of making plans to watch a movie together when he said, "Hey, on second thought..." I was taken back. I told him that if he just doesn't want to see me anymore, then that's fine ,but I would like to know. He said that was not the case, that he would have told me, and that he definitely wants to see me again. I believed him, and said goodnight and went to bed. This morning, I texted him that I finally found my debit card and that next time we go out, it's on me. He read the msg but hasn't gotten back to me. Do I believe him that he wants to see me again, or think he's really blowing me off?!